An update in 4 Parts…

November 7, 2008


So, as most people know, there have already been a number of rallies in West Hollywood since the election.

Last night I was hosting a female friend of mine visiting from the east coast.  BTW, she went through a ‘gay’ phase and is now married to a man with 2 kids that she adores.  My point is, she gets it.

I took her two blocks up the street to a famous bar/restaurant called “Barney’s Beanery” and it was packed with presumably all straight people watching football (because that is what we do).

This bar had a sign on it’s front door declaring “FAGS – STAY OUT!” until 1984!  Yes, I said 1984.  You remember Boy George singing Karma Chameleon, right?  Yeah, THEN.

All of a sudden, there were 5 LAPD patrol cars that blocked up the intersection and no one knew what was happening…

Then we could hear the yelling from outside and I saw another one of the Protest marches coming right by the bar.  I told my friend I need to go outside and experience this.  She got her camera and started taking pictures.  A few other people spilled out of the bar and it was the conversations around me that gave me hope…

A girl behind me said, “This is just so wrong.  I can’t believe that they had their rights taken away.”  And another guy next to her ‘ditto-ed’ that sentiment.  Another male said, “I voted against it.”  And when the crowd passed by everyone standing outside was cheering and yelling in support.  Just as they were doing inside when the Broncos scored a touchdown.

It reminded me of when a football team is on the goal line and they only need one yard for the score… everyone on the team will line up behind the guy with the ball and even if they aren’t touching the ball will PUSH, PUSH, PUSH their teammate across the line for the score.  All in the name of the team.

Let’s hope those that voted Yes on Prop 8 become as weak as the Browns defensive line last night… it can happen.

It was a moving experience for me standing outside a bar that used to not allow ‘fags’ inside and to see such an outpouring of support, albeit indirectly.

It showed me that although there is a LONG way to go to repeal Prop 8, there is an opening in my straight world that will help that process along… I have faith in my people.  You should too.

For a brief moment, my friend and I were able to smile in the midst of such indignity.

That smile didn’t last long as my friend looked at our check… “a pitcher of beer is $18??”

“Welcome to L.A., darlin’.”


I want to highly recommend the followin blog by Tom Gregory who is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.—stay-out_b_141698.html


In other celebrity news, Melissa Ethridge has also posted a rant.

“Why should I pay the same state taxes everyone else does if I don’t have the same rights?”

You can read it here…


Lastly, my friend, Pauley Perette (you may know her from NCIS) took some of her own video footage from the rally held the day after Prop 8 passed.

This is the email that accompanied her video:

“Yes, of course I was there.
My camera work is crappy because I was crying.
I forget how hateful people are, and when reminded, it sux.
There is lots of video, but this is Rev. Thomas.
And I concur…
“As a person of faith, I will continue to stand up against religious bigotry”.

As a person of faith, and of justice and of civil rights…
I will too.

For all of the pain Prop 8 has caused to good people,
You are loved, You are equal and You are awesome.
Prop 8 hurts all people.
Some just don’t know it yet.

Live, Love and Be Strong.

Pauley Perrette

WARNING: This clip will MOVE you.

Thank you for listening.


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