A 10th Grader Responds to my letter…

November 10, 2008

A friend of mine used my letter as a writing exercise in one of her classes…

This is what she wrote me:


Man, oh man… WHAT A DAY! 🙂

My Prop 8 writing exercise turned into a huge debate in one of my classes, and the debate transformed into a wonderful socratic seminar session with 100% student engagement. That NEVER happens! My students thoroughly enjoyed your posting and their involvement in class was enhanced tenfold. Thank you.

Here’s a writing exercise I received from one of my students. The assignment was to argue for or against Prop 8 and write a reflective conclusion of your posting. This 10th grader has been in the states for less than two years, so keep that in mind. (Oh, and he only had 30 minutes to write this.)


A lot of money was spent in protesting for and against prop8 and it was under a major discussion amongst American voters prior to the election today. The content of prop8 brings about many controversial arguments. Should gay marriage be prohibited? The proponents of prop8 insist that marriage is sacred and it should be a structure shared between a man and woman and even the definition in dictionaries strengthens this claim. These proponents also use their religious background to support gay marriage ban. However, this notion that only heterosexuals should be allowed to legally marry ignores the natural right of all human beings, freedom of choice.

Most colonists migrated to America because they objected to the tyranny of European monarchs. Now, the proponents of prop8 are making the same mistakes committed by European monarchs, not taking into consideration that every human being should be able to pursue their happiness. The supporters of prop8 are endeavoring to force people to have traditional marriage because they are worried about telling their kids that it is okay to marry someone of same sex?

People that are close minded should reference the principle of Enlightenment and free themselves from religious confinements instead of limiting themselves to what the bible says. The philosophy behind the principle of Enlightenment is that people should have the privilege to abolish anything which suppresses people from what they want. Yes on prop8 campaigns use kids and sex education as a selling point but the proponents do not realize that voting yes would create more confusion for kids of the American education system because American education system teaches ideals of philosophers like John Locke, Rosseau and Montesquie who have all argued that we should free ourselves from society’s limitations. Why don’t the proponents see that their argument is flawed? Do they really want to betray their kids’ rights and prohibit gay marriage while antithetically teaching them theories of philosophers who say that we should free ourselves from suppression in any
form to be happy?

Freedom of choice must be guaranteed to promote every individual’s pursuit of happiness. It’s only right to have a choice and no one should be forced out of achieving what they dream of, especially in United States, the country that is heavily constructed by the philosophy of Enlightenment.

Lastly, I have never met a gay person in my life and I can hardly believe that a guy can love another guy. But if I was old enough to vote, I would have voted no on prop8 for the straight guy.  END.

So, if this 16 year old straight kid who has been in the country for 2 years can figure this out… what is taking everyone else on earth so long???


3 Responses to “A 10th Grader Responds to my letter…”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    I suppose not everyone deeply treasures, appreciates, and subscribes to equality. Idiocracy is becoming a reality… *le sigh*

    By the way, the kid skipped a grade. You’ve actually touched the heart of a 14 year old. KUDOS!

  2. Mitchell Says:

    From a 15 year old. It is amazing that a child, who can’t even drive a car or vote has more maturity and common sense than the fools who voted for Prop 8. I hope this young man/woman can spread their message to friends, family and anyone who will listen in their school, so that in a few year when we have another election that these new voters can swing the needle to NO on Prop 8

  3. Kevin Says:

    My nieces and nephews, mostly teenagers, think along the same lines. I am confident that we will have equality in our lifetime, thanks to the open-minds the younger generation.

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